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From: "Sébastien Dugué" <>
To: linux-kernel <>
Cc: Christoph Hellwig <>,
	linux-aio <>, Andrew Morton <>,
	Suparna Bhattacharya <>,
	Zach Brown <>,
	Badari Pulavarty <>,
	Ulrich Drepper <>,
	Jean Pierre Dion <>,
	Bharata B Rao <>
Subject: [PATCH -mm 0/5][AIO] - AIO completion signal notification v4
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2006 16:38:39 +0100	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <20061130163839.38689215@frecb000686> (raw)


  Here is the latest rework of the AIO completion signal notification patches.

  This set consists in 5 patches:

	1. rework-compat-sys-io-submit: cleanup the sys_io_submit() compat layer,
	   making it more efficient and laying out the base for the following patches

	2. aio-header-fix-includes: fixes the double inclusion of uio.h in aio.h

	3. export-good_sigevent: move good_sigevent into signal.c and make it

	4. aio-notify-sig: the AIO completion signal notification

	5. listio: adds listio support

  Description are in the individual patches.

  Changes from v3:
	All changes following comments from Zach Brown and Christoph Hellwig

	- added justification for the compat_sys_io_submit() cleanup
	- more cleanups in compat_sys_io_submit() to put it in line with
	- Changed "Export good_sigevent()" patch name to "Make good_sigevent()
	  non-static" to better describe what it does. 
 	- Reworked good_sigevent() to make it more readable.
	- Simplified the use of the SIGEV_* constants in signal notification
 	- Take a reference on the target task both for the SIGEV_THREAD_ID and
	  SIGEV_SIGNAL cases.

  Changes from v2:
	- rebased to 2.6.19-rc6-mm2
	- reworked the sys_io_submit() compat layer as suggested by Zach Brown
	- fixed saving of a pointer to a task struct in aio-notify-sig as
	  pointed out by Andrew Morton

  Changes from v1:
	- cleanups suggested by Christoph Hellwig, Badari Pulavarty and Zach Brown
	- added lisio patch

  Thanks for your comments, more welcomed, as usual.



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2006-11-30 15:49 ` [PATCH -mm 1/5][AIO] - Rework compat_sys_io_submit Sébastien Dugué
2006-11-30 15:49 ` [PATCH -mm 2/5][AIO] - fix aio.h includes Sébastien Dugué
2006-11-30 15:50 ` [PATCH -mm 3/5][AIO] - Make good_sigevent non-static Sébastien Dugué
2006-11-30 15:50 ` [PATCH -mm 4/5][AIO] - AIO completion signal notification Sébastien Dugué
2006-11-30 15:50 ` [PATCH -mm 5/5][AIO] - Add listio support Sébastien Dugué

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