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From: Rob Landley <>
To: Oleg Verych <>
Cc: Andrew Morton <>, Sam Ravnborg <>,
	LKML <>
Subject: Re: [rft] (g)awk substitution (Re: [PATCH] sed s/gawk/awk/scripts/
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2007 20:51:32 -0500	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)
In-Reply-To: <E1H9pHf-0002Iu-4D@flower>

On Wednesday 24 January 2007 4:03 pm, Oleg Verych wrote:

> Let me propose you to test this as solution, that need no awk, only shell:

Actually awk is one of the standard Single Unix Specification (version 3) 
utilities and the kernel build uses it in a number of places, such as 
arch/alpha/boot/Makefile, drivers/eisa/Makefile, scripts/ver_linux.

Your objection is a bit like saying "and don't use cat".  I'm saying don't 
call cat "gcat" when you just mean plain old cat.

> p.s. who is going to make alternative to GNU make ? ;D

Me.  Seriously.  It's on my todo list, as part of the Firmware Linux project:

Although as major projects go, it's about fifth down on the list after getting 
toybox up to speed, writing a proper bash replacement shell, getting tcc to 
build an unmodified Linux kernel, convincing the uClibc guys to HAVE ANOTHER 
RELEASE ALREADY (it's been a year and a half, I _sent_ a cake)...

Today, I'm writing a gene2fs that produces streaming output (I.E. it works 
like tar).  It's not done yet...

"Perfection is reached, not when there is no longer anything to add, but
when there is no longer anything to take away." - Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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2007-01-15 21:24 [PATCH] sed s/gawk/awk/ scripts/ Rob Landley
2007-01-15 22:11 ` Sam Ravnborg
2007-01-24  0:49   ` Andrew Morton
2007-01-24 17:30     ` Rob Landley
2007-01-24 21:03       ` [rft] (g)awk substitution (Re: [PATCH] sed s/gawk/awk/scripts/ Oleg Verych
2007-01-24 22:44         ` [patch, rft] scripts/ replace gawk with shell, whitespace cleanup Oleg Verych
2007-01-24 23:30         ` [patch, rft] scripts/makelst: replace gawk with shell, update Oleg Verych
2007-01-25  1:51         ` Rob Landley [this message]
2007-01-25  9:40           ` sed _s_gnu_alternatives_ (Re: [rft] (g)awk substitution) Oleg Verych
2007-01-25 18:03             ` Rob Landley
2007-01-25 19:14               ` Oleg Verych
2007-01-25 19:38                 ` Rob Landley
2007-01-25 21:18                   ` Oleg Verych
2007-01-26 17:47                     ` Rob Landley
2007-01-26 20:14                       ` Oleg Verych
2007-01-27  0:18                         ` Tim Schmielau
2007-01-27  6:38                           ` scripts/makelst: bc -> shell " Oleg Verych
2007-02-03 11:24                             ` David Weinehall
2007-02-03 13:10                               ` Oleg Verych
2007-02-03 11:13                 ` David Weinehall
2007-02-02 16:36     ` [PATCH] sed s/gawk/awk/ scripts/ Adrian Bunk
2007-02-02 21:01       ` Oleg Verych

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