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* [PATCH 00/13] Balance RT tasks v5
@ 2007-10-23 16:50 Gregory Haskins
  2007-10-23 16:50 ` [PATCH 01/13] RT: push-rt Gregory Haskins
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From: Gregory Haskins @ 2007-10-23 16:50 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: linux-rt-users
  Cc: linux-kernel, Gregory Haskins, Steven Rostedt, Dmitry Adamushko,
	Peter Zijlstra, Ingo Molnar, Darren Hart

This is version 5 of the patch series against 23-rt1.

There have been numerous fixes/tweaks since v4, though we still are based on
the global rto_cpumask logic instead of Steve/Ingo's cpuset logic.  Otherwise,
it's in pretty good shape.

Without the series applied, the following test will fail:

After it is applied, it will pass.

NOTE: it appears that the series also introduces wake-latency spikes that
are not present in the baseline code, so this is still "RFC" quality.
However, the baseline scheduler also violates priority order, so its hard to
determine if the numbers translate apples to apples.  These issues are still
under investigation, but I am sharing the series now so that Steven Rostedt
and Darren Hart can have access to my current tree.  The issues appear to be
caused by some other strange scheduling decisions (such as running the idle
thread while we are busy).  TBD 

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2007-10-23 16:50 [PATCH 00/13] Balance RT tasks v5 Gregory Haskins
2007-10-23 16:50 ` [PATCH 01/13] RT: push-rt Gregory Haskins
2007-10-23 16:50 ` [PATCH 02/13] RT: Condense the next-task search into one function Gregory Haskins
2007-10-23 16:50 ` [PATCH 03/13] RT: Add a per-cpu rt_overload indication Gregory Haskins
2007-10-23 16:50 ` [PATCH 04/13] RT: Wrap the RQ notion of priority to make it conditional Gregory Haskins
2007-10-23 16:50 ` [PATCH 05/13] RT: Initialize the priority value Gregory Haskins
2007-10-23 16:50 ` [PATCH 06/13] RT: Maintain the highest RQ priority Gregory Haskins
2007-10-23 16:50 ` [PATCH 07/13] RT: Clean up some of the push-rt logic Gregory Haskins
2007-10-23 16:51 ` [PATCH 08/13] RT: Add support for low-priority wake-up to push_rt feature Gregory Haskins
2007-10-23 16:51 ` [PATCH 09/13] RT: Only dirty a cacheline if the priority is actually changing Gregory Haskins
2007-10-23 16:51 ` [PATCH 10/13] RT: Fixes for push-rt patch Gregory Haskins
2007-10-23 16:51 ` [PATCH 11/13] RT: Condense NORMAL and IDLE priorities Gregory Haskins
2007-10-23 16:51 ` [PATCH 12/13] RT: CPU priority management Gregory Haskins
2007-10-23 16:51 ` [PATCH 13/13] RT: Cache cpus_allowed weight for optimizing migration Gregory Haskins
2007-10-24  0:19   ` Ingo Oeser
2007-10-24  3:20     ` Gregory Haskins

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