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From: Marin Mitov <>
To: Jeff Garzik <>
Subject: Re: net: tx timeouts with skge, 8139too, dmfe drivers/NICs
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2008 13:41:53 +0200	[thread overview]
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On Monday 25 February 2008 10:53:01 pm you wrote:
> > As far as this happens with 3 different NICs/drivers could it be
> > a problem in the (common for all of them) networking subsystem?
> A TX timeout (like hardware timeouts, in general) is a very generic 
> behavior, with many causes.
> In general, when you see timeouts with varied hardware and drivers, 
> you're almost always dealing with a problem with interrupt delivery, or 
> a generic system problem, rather than bugs in the network stack or all 
> three drivers.

Well, this gave me a direction of research. 

Using printk in various parts of  skge driver, as well as modifying it to
collect different statistics (used via ethtool -S eth0), the following observations
had been made when it freezes:

1. interrupts are generated (status register shows there are pending
interrupts and they are NOT masked), but irq_handler is NOT invoked.

2. Looking on the cat /proc/interrups shows that when skge is working
both CPUs receive any IRQs. When skge freezes NO CPU receives skge's
interrupts, CPU[0] receives any others IRQs, but skge's, CPU[1] do not
receive any IRQ above the line (see bellow), but receives LOC: and RES:
below the line.
#cat /proc/interrups
           CPU0       CPU1
  0:         85          1   IO-APIC-edge      timer
  1:      34078          9   IO-APIC-edge      i8042
  6:          1          4   IO-APIC-edge      floppy
  7:        216          1   IO-APIC-edge      parport0
  8:          0          1   IO-APIC-edge      rtc
  9:          0          0   IO-APIC-fasteoi   acpi
 12:     893003    1390080   IO-APIC-edge      i8042
 14:      59682     286628   IO-APIC-edge      ide0
 15:    5458527         12   IO-APIC-edge      ide1
 16:   60547054          1   IO-APIC-fasteoi   mga@pci:0000:01:00.0
 17:    1634623     914447   IO-APIC-fasteoi   sata_via
 18:       7768          7   IO-APIC-fasteoi   sata_promise
 19:          0          0   IO-APIC-fasteoi   ehci_hcd:usb1, uhci_hcd:usb2, uhci_hcd:usb3, uhci_hcd:usb4, uhci_hcd:usb5
 20:     535380          1   IO-APIC-fasteoi   VIA8237
 21:   30780380   31448992   IO-APIC-fasteoi   eth0
---------line added by me----------------------------------
NMI:          0          0   Non-maskable interrupts
LOC:  154311126  154736178   Local timer interrupts
RES:    1325239    2423719   Rescheduling interrupts
CAL:      40893        456   function call interrupts
TLB:      52651      29184   TLB shootdowns
TRM:          0          0   Thermal event interrupts
SPU:          0          0   Spurious interrupts
ERR:          0
MIS:          0

That looks like IRQs are somehow disabled (at IO-APIC/LAPIC?)
at some priority and bellow.

Here is the place to say that after freezing, ifconfig down/up (+routing info)
does NOT solve the problem, while rmmod/modprobe the driver, makes it work 

So, I moved the functions request_irq()/free_irq() from driver's probe()/release() 
methods to open()/stop() methods. Thus modified, when skge freezes, 
ifconfig down/up makes it work again (no need to rmmod/modprobe).

That makes me think that somehow skge's IRQ is disabled OUT of the driver
and free_irq()/request_irq() clears the problem. Am I wrong?

Could it be possible? How could this happen?

Any comments/suggestions/patches wellcome.


Marin Mitov

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