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From: Gautham R Shenoy <>
To: Thomas Gleixner <>,
	Peter Zijlstra <>,
	Ingo Molnar <>
Cc:, Paul E McKenney <>
Subject: [PATCH] timers: Handle HRTIMER_CB_IRQSAFE_UNLOCKED correctly from softirq context
Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2008 03:20:03 +0530	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)

timers: Handle HRTIMER_CB_IRQSAFE_UNLOCKED correctly from softirq context

From: Gautham R Shenoy <>

While migrating the the CB_IRQSAFE_UNLOCKED timers during a cpu-offline,
we queue them on the cb_pending list, so that they won't go

Thus, when the callbacks of the timers run from the softirq context,
they could run into potential deadlocks, since these callbacks
assume that they're running with irq's disabled, thereby annoying
lockdep (see below)!

Fix this by emulating hardirq context while running these callbacks from
the hrtimer softirq.

[ INFO: inconsistent lock state ]
2.6.27 #2
inconsistent {in-hardirq-W} -> {hardirq-on-W} usage.
ksoftirqd/0/4 [HC0[0]:SC1[1]:HE1:SE0] takes:
 (&rq->lock){++..}, at: [<c011db84>] sched_rt_period_timer+0x9e/0x1fc
{in-hardirq-W} state was registered at:
  [<c014103c>] __lock_acquire+0x549/0x121e
  [<c0107890>] native_sched_clock+0x88/0x99
  [<c013aa12>] clocksource_get_next+0x39/0x3f
  [<c0139abc>] update_wall_time+0x616/0x7df
  [<c0141d6b>] lock_acquire+0x5a/0x74
  [<c0121724>] scheduler_tick+0x3a/0x18d
  [<c047ed45>] _spin_lock+0x1c/0x45
  [<c0121724>] scheduler_tick+0x3a/0x18d
  [<c0121724>] scheduler_tick+0x3a/0x18d
  [<c012c436>] update_process_times+0x3a/0x44
  [<c013c044>] tick_periodic+0x63/0x6d
  [<c013c062>] tick_handle_periodic+0x14/0x5e
  [<c010568c>] timer_interrupt+0x44/0x4a
  [<c0150c9f>] handle_IRQ_event+0x13/0x3d
  [<c0151c14>] handle_level_irq+0x79/0xbd
  [<c0105634>] do_IRQ+0x69/0x7d
  [<c01041e4>] common_interrupt+0x28/0x30
  [<c047007b>] aac_probe_one+0x1a3/0x3f3
  [<c047ec2d>] _spin_unlock_irqrestore+0x36/0x39
  [<c01512b4>] setup_irq+0x1be/0x1f9
  [<c065d70b>] start_kernel+0x259/0x2c5
  [<ffffffff>] 0xffffffff
irq event stamp: 50102
hardirqs last  enabled at (50102): [<c047ebf4>] _spin_unlock_irq+0x20/0x23
hardirqs last disabled at (50101): [<c047edc2>] _spin_lock_irq+0xa/0x4b
softirqs last  enabled at (50088): [<c0128ba6>] do_softirq+0x37/0x4d
softirqs last disabled at (50099): [<c0128ba6>] do_softirq+0x37/0x4d

other info that might help us debug this:
no locks held by ksoftirqd/0/4.

stack backtrace:
Pid: 4, comm: ksoftirqd/0 Not tainted 2.6.27 #2
 [<c013f6cb>] print_usage_bug+0x13e/0x147
 [<c013fef5>] mark_lock+0x493/0x797
 [<c01410b1>] __lock_acquire+0x5be/0x121e
 [<c0141d6b>] lock_acquire+0x5a/0x74
 [<c011db84>] sched_rt_period_timer+0x9e/0x1fc
 [<c047ed45>] _spin_lock+0x1c/0x45
 [<c011db84>] sched_rt_period_timer+0x9e/0x1fc
 [<c011db84>] sched_rt_period_timer+0x9e/0x1fc
 [<c01210fd>] finish_task_switch+0x41/0xbd
 [<c0107890>] native_sched_clock+0x88/0x99
 [<c011dae6>] sched_rt_period_timer+0x0/0x1fc
 [<c0136dda>] run_hrtimer_pending+0x54/0xe5
 [<c011dae6>] sched_rt_period_timer+0x0/0x1fc
 [<c0128afb>] __do_softirq+0x7b/0xef
 [<c0128ba6>] do_softirq+0x37/0x4d
 [<c0128c12>] ksoftirqd+0x56/0xc5
 [<c0128bbc>] ksoftirqd+0x0/0xc5
 [<c0134649>] kthread+0x38/0x5d
 [<c0134611>] kthread+0x0/0x5d
 [<c0104477>] kernel_thread_helper+0x7/0x10

Signed-off-by: Gautham R Shenoy <>
Cc: Thomas Gleixner <>
Cc: Peter Zijlstra <>

 kernel/hrtimer.c |   21 ++++++++++++++++++---
 1 files changed, 18 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

diff --git a/kernel/hrtimer.c b/kernel/hrtimer.c
index cdec83e..60aaad6 100644
--- a/kernel/hrtimer.c
+++ b/kernel/hrtimer.c
@@ -1188,6 +1188,7 @@ static void run_hrtimer_pending(struct hrtimer_cpu_base *cpu_base)
 		enum hrtimer_restart (*fn)(struct hrtimer *);
 		struct hrtimer *timer;
 		int restart;
+		int emulate_hardirq_ctx = 0;
 		timer = list_entry(cpu_base->,
 				   struct hrtimer, cb_entry);
@@ -1196,12 +1197,26 @@ static void run_hrtimer_pending(struct hrtimer_cpu_base *cpu_base)
 		fn = timer->function;
+		/*
+		 * A timer might have been added to the cb_pending list
+		 * when it was migrated during a cpu-offline operation.
+		 * Emulate hardirq context for such timers.
+		 */
+		if (timer->cb_mode == HRTIMER_CB_IRQSAFE_PERCPU ||
+		    timer->cb_mode == HRTIMER_CB_IRQSAFE_UNLOCKED)
+			emulate_hardirq_ctx = 1;
 		__remove_hrtimer(timer, timer->base, HRTIMER_STATE_CALLBACK, 0);
-		spin_unlock_irq(&cpu_base->lock);
+		spin_unlock(&cpu_base->lock);
-		restart = fn(timer);
+		if (likely(!emulate_hardirq_ctx)) {
+			local_irq_enable();
+			restart = fn(timer);
+			local_irq_disable();
+		} else
+			restart = fn(timer);
-		spin_lock_irq(&cpu_base->lock);
+		spin_lock(&cpu_base->lock);
 		timer->state &= ~HRTIMER_STATE_CALLBACK;
 		if (restart == HRTIMER_RESTART) {
Thanks and Regards

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