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From: Stephen Rothwell <>
To: Dave Airlie <>
Cc: Linux-Next Mailing List <>,
	Linux Kernel Mailing List <>,
	Alex Deucher <>
Subject: linux-next: Signed-off-by missing for commits in the drm tree
Date: Wed, 2 Aug 2017 16:54:56 +1000	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)

Hi Dave,


  663ebbf63180 "drm/amdgpu: trace VM flags as 64bits"
  5327dd8acf05 "drm/amdgpu: remove stale TODO comment"
  eabd76cef900 "drm/amd/sched: print sched job id in amd_sched_job trace"
  a69c7e0138fc "drm/amdgpu: update pctl1 ram index/data for mmhub on raven"
  7504938f8e73 "drm/amdgpu: add check when no firmware need to load"
  98a7f88ce9a9 "drm/amdgpu: bind BOs with GTT space allocated directly v2"
  92c60d9cf663 "drm/amdgpu: bind BOs to TTM only once"
  fc9c8f5459f2 "drm/amdgpu: add vm_needs_flush parameter to amdgpu_copy_buffer"
  df264f9e0808 "drm/amdgpu: allow flushing VMID0 before IB execution as well"
  369421cbfabf "drm/amdgpu: fix amdgpu_ring_write_multiple"
  e8110b1c9bdd "drm/amdgpu: move ring helpers to amdgpu_ring.h"

are missing Signed-off-by from their comitter.

Stephen Rothwell

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