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From: george anzinger <>
To: Georg Nikodym <>
Cc: Pantelis Antoniou <>,
	Linux Kernel List <>
Subject: Re: [RFC] Standard way of generating assembler offsets
Date: Mon, 08 Oct 2001 12:00:38 -0700	[thread overview]
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Georg Nikodym wrote:
> At the risk of sticking my foot in it, is there something wrong with the
> ANSI C offsetof() macro, defined in <stddef.h>?
> --Georg
No, and it could have been (and was) written prio to ANSI C defining
it.  Something like:

#define offsetof(x, instruct) &((struct instruct *)0)->x

The issues that CPP resolves have to deal with the following sort of

struct instruct {
	struct foo * bar;
	int diddle_flag;
	int diddle_array[CONFIG_DIDDLE_SIZE];
	int x;

Or for the simple need for a constant:

#define Const (CONFIG_DIDDLE_SIZE * sizeof(int))

Of course you could have any number of constant operators in the
expression.  Note also, that the array in the structure above is defined
by a CONFIG symbol.  This could also involve math, i.e.:


and so on.  All in all, it best to let CPP do what it does best and
scarf up the result:

#define GENERATE_CONSTANT(name,c) printf(#name " equ %d\n",c)



In the code we did, we put all the GENERATE macros in a .h file.  The
the code looked like:

#include.... all the headers needed....

#include <generate.h>

GENERATE....  all the generate macro calls...

} // all done (assumes that the "main(){" is in the generate.h file)

This whole mess was included as comments in the asm file.  The make rule
then used a sed script to extract it, compile and run it to produce a
new header file which the asm source included outside of the above


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