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From: Michael Krufky <>
To: Greg KH <>
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Subject: Re: [patch 0/9] 2.6.19-stable review
Date: Fri, 02 Mar 2007 20:48:54 -0500	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)
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Greg KH wrote:
> On Tue, Feb 27, 2007 at 03:23:05PM -0500, Michael Krufky wrote:
>> Greg KH wrote:
>>> This is the start of the stable review cycle for the release.
>>> This will probably be the last release of the 2.6.19-stable series, so
>>> if there are patches that you feel should be applied to that tree,
>>> please let me know.
>>> There are 9 patches in this series, all will be posted as a response to
>>> this one.  If anyone has any issues with these being applied, please let
>>> us know.  If anyone is a maintainer of the proper subsystem, and wants
>>> to add a Signed-off-by: line to the patch, please respond with it.
>>> These patches are sent out with a number of different people on the Cc:
>>> line.  If you wish to be a reviewer, please email to
>>> add your name to the list.  If you want to be off the reviewer list,
>>> also email us.
>>> Responses should be made by Thursday March 1 00:00 UTC.  Anything
>>> received after that time might be too late.
>>> The whole patch set can be downloaded at:
>>> thanks,
>>> the -stable release team
>> Greg,
>> I still have three DVB patches that need to go to 2.6.19.y, the dvbdev patch
>> being most important.  I sent this dvbdev patch to you during the
>> review period and expected it to surface this time around, but maybe our email
>> paths have crossed.
>> Since I am unable to send patches inline from my current location, I've posted
>> the three pending patches for 2.6.19.y here:
>> Please add these if possible.  Again, the
>> "dvbdev-fix-illegal-re-usage-of-fileoperations-struct" patch is the most
>> important one of these.
> Argh, I forgot these :(
> Do you want me to do a new 2.6.19-stable release with these patches in
> it?  It's my fault I didn't get this in, so I don't really mind if you
> feel it is important enough (it doesn't take that long to spin another
> kernel release.)
> thanks,
> greg k-h

The dvbdev patch is pretty important, fixes a horrible problem, although the case for
it to occur is rare.  The other two patches are of the "obviously correct - minimal change" 

If it isnt too much trouble, then yes, it is worth it to push a new release because of the
dvbdev patch.

However, please chop the "backported from" and "cherry picked from" lines from those patches.
I cherry-picked them from Mauro's tree, but he wiped it out and re-pushed those changes in
before Linus merged them....  so, the actual changesets in Linus' tree have different hashes.

(i removed those old hashes from the patches that I posted on

As for the 2.6.20.y patches, should I email those to you inline or can you just grab them from
the www server?  ( )


Mike Krufky

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     [not found] <>
2007-02-27  0:05 ` [patch 0/9] 2.6.19-stable review Greg KH
2007-02-27  0:06   ` [patch 1/9] fix umask when noACL kernel meets extN tuned for ACLs Greg KH
2007-02-27  0:28     ` Andreas Gruenbacher
2007-02-27  0:06   ` [patch 2/9] Backport of psmouse suspend/shutdown cleanups Greg KH
2007-02-27  0:06   ` [patch 3/9] fix memory corruption from misinterpreted bad_inode_ops return values (CVE-2006-5753) Greg KH
2007-02-27  0:06   ` [patch 4/9] netpoll: drivers must not enable IRQ unconditionally in their NAPI handler Greg KH
2007-02-27  0:06   ` [patch 5/9] hda-intel - Dont try to probe invalid codecs Greg KH
2007-02-27  0:06   ` [patch 6/9] Fix oops when Windows server sent bad domain name null terminator Greg KH
2007-02-27  0:06   ` [patch 7/9] USB: usbnet driver bugfix Greg KH
2007-02-27  0:06   ` [patch 8/9] hda-codec - Dont return error at initialization of modem codec Greg KH
2007-02-27  0:06   ` [patch 9/9] Missing critical phys_to_virt in lib/swiotlb.c Greg KH
2007-02-27  2:47   ` [patch 0/9] 2.6.19-stable review (mmc: Power quirk for ENE controllers) Darren Salt
2007-02-27 20:23   ` [patch 0/9] 2.6.19-stable review Michael Krufky
2007-03-03  1:23     ` Greg KH
2007-03-03  1:48       ` Michael Krufky [this message]
2007-03-03  7:48         ` Greg KH

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