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From: Frank Sorenson <>
To: Ingo Molnar <>
Cc: LKML <>,, "Rafael J. Wysocki" <>
Subject: Re: 2.6.25-rc4 OOMs itself dead on bootup
Date: Fri, 07 Mar 2008 13:27:22 -0600	[thread overview]
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Ingo Molnar wrote:
> * Frank Sorenson <> wrote:
>> 2.6.25-rc4 invokes the oom-killer repeatedly when attempting to boot, 
>> eventually panicing with "Out of memory and no killable processes." 
>> This happens since at least 2.6.25-rc3, but 2.6.24 boots just fine,
>> The system is a Dell Inspiron E1705 running Fedora 8 (x86_64).
>> My .config is at, and a 
>> syslog of the system up until the point where it oom-killed syslog 
>> (just before the panic) is at 
> i've picked up your .config and enabled a few drivers in it to make it 
> boot on a testsystem of mine and it doesnt OOM:
>  20:47:17 up 10 min,  1 user,  load average: 0.01, 0.07, 0.03
>               total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached
>  Mem:       1025768     258544     767224          0      12956     169556
>  -/+ buffers/cache:      76032     949736
>  Swap:      3911816          0    3911816
> (config and bootlog from my box attached.)
> So it's probably not a .config dependent generic kernel problem, but 
> probably something specific to your hardware.
> Since the first oom happens about 9 minutes into the bootup:
>  [  569.755853] sh invoked oom-killer: gfp_mask=0x1201d2, order=0, oomkilladj=-17
> do you have any chance to log in and capture MM statistics? The 
> following script will capture a bunch of statistics:
> and takes less than a minute to run - should be enough time in theory. 
> If it's possible to run it then send us the output file it produces.
> 	Ingo

Thank you for the help, and for the time.

I did some additional debugging, and I believe you're correct about it
being specific to my system.  The system seems to run fine until some
time during the boot.  I booted with "init=/bin/sh" (that's how the
system stayed up for 9 minutes), then it died when I tried starting
things up.  I've further narrowed the OOM down to udev (though it's not
entirely udev's fault, since 2.6.24 runs fine).

I ran your debug info tool before killing the box by running
/sbin/start_udev.  The output of the tool is at

Something is apparently happening between 2.6.24 and 2.6.25-rc[34] which
causes udev (or something it calls) to behave very badly.

I'll keep looking further into the cause.  Thanks again for the help.

- --
Frank Sorenson - KD7TZK
Linux Systems Engineer, DSS Engineering, UBS AG
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