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Subject: Re: [PATCH v6 2/5] efi: Add embedded peripheral firmware support
Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2018 15:46:11 +0200	[thread overview]
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On 06-06-18 23:42, Luis R. Rodriguez wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 06, 2018 at 08:39:15PM +0200, Hans de Goede wrote:
>> On 05-06-18 23:07, Luis R. Rodriguez wrote:
>>>> +To make request_firmware() fallback to trying EFI embedded firmwares after this,
>>>> +the driver must set a boolean "efi-embedded-firmware" device-property on the
>>>> +device before passing it to request_firmware().
>>> No, as I have requested before I don't want this, it is silly to have such
>>> functionality always be considered as a fallback if we only have 2 drivers
>>> which need this. > Please add a call which only if used would then *evaluate*
>>> such fallback prospect.
>> Ok, so I've a few questions about this:
>> 1) You want me to add a:
>> int firmware_request_with_system_firmware_fallback(struct device *device, const char *name);
>> function?
> The idea is correct, the name however is obviously terrible.
> This is functionality that is very specialized and only *two* device drivers
> need it that we are aware of which would be upstream. Experience has shown
> fallback mechanisms *can* be a pain, and if we add this we will be supporting
> this for *life*, as such I'd very much prefer to:
> a) *Clearly* reduce the scope of functionality clearly *beyond* what you
>     have done.
> b) Have access to one simple call which folks can use to *clearly* and
>     quickly grep for those oddball drivers using this new interface.
> We can do this by using a separate function for it.
> Before you claim something seems unreasonable from the above logic, please read
> the latest state of affairs with respect to data driven Vs functional API
> evolution discussion over the firmware API [0] as well as my latests
> recommendation for what to do for the async firmware API [1].
> The skinny of it is that long ago I actually proposed having only *two*
> firmware API calls, an async and a sync call and having all functionality
> fleshed out through a structure of parameters. The issue with that strategy was
> it was *too* data driven, and as per Greg's request we'll instead be exposing
> new symbols per functionality for the firmware API with his justification
> that this is just what is traditionally done on Linux. Hence we have
> firmware_request_nowarn() now for just a slight variation for a sync call.
> Despite Greg's recommendation -- for the respective async functionality I
> suggested this is not going to scale well -- it is also just dumb to follow the
> same approach there for a few reasons.
> 1) We have only *one* async call and had decided to *not* provide a structure
>     for that call since its inception
> 2) Over time have evolved this single async call each time we have a new feature,
>     causing a slew of collateral evolutions.
> So, while we like it or not, it turns out the async call to the firmware API
> is already completely data driven. Extending it with just another argument
> would just be silly now.
> So refer to my recommendations to Andres for how to evolve the async API if
> you need it, however from a quick review you don't need async calls, so you
> won't have to address any of that.
> [0]
> [1]
>> Note I've deliberately named it with_system_firmware_fallback
>> and not with_efi_fallback to have the name be platform agnostic in
>> case we want something similar on other platforms in the future.
> firmware_request_platform() ?
>> And then have this pass a new FW_OPT_SYS_FW_FALLBACK flag to
>> _request_firmware(), right ?
> Yeap.
>> 2) Should this flag then be checked inside _request_firmware() before it
>> calls fw_get_efi_embedded_fw() (which may be an empty stub),
> You are the architect behind this call, so its up to you.
> To answer this you have to review the other flags and see if other users of the
> other flags may want your functionality. For instance the Android folks for
> instance rely on the FW_OPT_NOFALLBACK - the sysfs fallback mechanism to
> account for odd partition layouts. Could they ever want to use your fallback
> mechanism? Granted your mechanism is for x86, but they could eventually add
> support for it on ARM.
> Checking if the firmware is on the EFI platform firmware list is much faster
> than the fallback mechanism, that would be one gain for them, as such it may
> make sense to check for firmware_request_platform() before using the sysfs
> fallback mechanism.  However if Android folks want to always override the
> platform firmware with the sysfs fallback interface we'd need another flag
> added and call to then change the order later if we checked for for the
> platform firmware first.

I believe we agreed a while back that the platform fallback would
replace the sysfs one when requested. I believe that still makes
sense. If a driver wants both it can simply call request_firmware_foo
itself twice and determine the order itself.

> If you however are 100% sure they won't need it, than checking
> firmware_request_platform() first would make sense now if you are
> certain these same devices won't need the sysfs fallback interface
> and don't want to use it to override the platform firmware.
>> or
>> inside fw_get_efi_embedded_fw()?
> You'll definitely want to check it there for sure to no-op if you
> don't have it set and error out with the same error passed before
> so it is not lost, as is done now for the sysfs fallback mechanism.
>> 3) Also should I then still check device_property_read_bool(dev,
>> "efi-embedded-firmware") inside fw_get_efi_embedded_fw(), or do you
>> want to simply always try the fallback if the driver indicates this ?
>> The reason I'm asking this is because the presence or not of the
>> firmware inside the system-firmware is a per board thing, not
>> a per driver thing. But since the firmware is unique per board
>> anyways it would be fine to skip the "efi-embedded-firmware"
>> device-prop check. If we're going to have a separate
>> firmware_request_with_system_firmware_fallback() function for
>> this then I'm leaning towards dropping the whole check myself.
>> So are you ok with dropping the device-prop check then ?
> Yes I was actually not sure why you added it, but given you say that its per
> board, it makes sense. Drivers still would still need to enable the new
> fallback via the new call, say firmware_request_platform().  I suppose it would
> depend on how many boards out there *don't* have the firmware. Since we are
> aware of only two drivers enabling this I'm going to suspect we have only a few
> boards out there with this firmware...
> The value of the device-prop check then would be to *avoid* running this code
> even further for boards where it does not make sense. This is indeed valuable,
> so unless others have issue with it I'd say leave it and document this exact
> thing.
> The documentation should then reflect firmware_request_platform() enables the
> fallback for the driver, however boards must use the efi-embedded-firmware
> property to further activate the fallback for a specific board.
>> 4) Since I'm naming the new function
>> int firmware_request_with_system_firmware_fallback()
>> I'm thinking that fw_get_efi_embedded_fw() should be renamed
>> to firmware_fallback_system_firmware()
>> and the EFI based code
>> will just be the first (and for now only) provider of this
>> fallback with an empty stub (inline in the .h file) for when
>> there is no provider defined. Do you agree with renaming
>> fw_get_efi_embedded_fw() to
>> firmware_request_with_system_firmware_fallback() ?
> That's obviously too long, so perhaps firmware_fallback_platform()?
> Note that Andres recently renamed fw_sysfs_fallback() to
> firmware_fallback_sysfs() so yes, I was expectign this.
> Also notice all that new shiny kdoc on firmware_fallback_sysfs()?  Please be
> sure to add your own and refer to it on the kernel documentation as well -- it
> seems we forgot to reference firmware_fallback_sysfs() on Documentation/ I'll
> go and correct that.
> While at it, I just noticed your most of your changes should actually
> go into Documentation/driver-api/firmware/fallback-mechanisms.rst and only
> this new call firmware_request_platform() on
> Documentation/driver-api/firmware/request_firmware.rst
>> (note this is the wrapper which calls efi_get_embedded_fw()
>> which itself will not be renamed of course).
> Yeap :)

Thank you for your answers. I will prepare a v7 of this series with the
changes as discussed. I've several higher priority things to fix first
though, so it may be a while before I post v7.



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