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* What's in git.git and announcing GIT v1.5.0-rc1
@ 2007-01-12  2:43 Junio C Hamano
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From: Junio C Hamano @ 2007-01-12  2:43 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: git; +Cc: linux-kernel

The tip of 'master' branch is tagged as v1.5.0-rc1; this means a
few things:

 - The focus is shifted to stabilize 'master'.  Fixes to what
   are already there are very much appreciated.

 - I'll change my $PATH to use the 'master' version, not 'next',
   for my own use until v1.5.0 final.  I ask people who usually
   follow 'next' to do the same so that we can catch breakages
   on 'master'.

 - No new features nor major changes, whether they have been
   cooking in 'next' or not, will be merged to 'master' until
   v1.5.0 final.  I might drop patches on the floor that are not
   meant for 'master', although I intend to try hard to keep up
   with whatever the list comes up with.

Tonight's update merges a handful remaining topics from 'next',
along with fixes and updates directly applied to 'master'.

* The 'master' branch has these since the last announcement.

   Alex Riesen (1):
      Speed-up recursive by flushing index only once for all entries

   Eric Wong (1):
      Avoid errors and warnings when attempting to do I/O on zero bytes

   Johannes Schindelin (2):
      Sanitize for_each_reflog_ent()
      Fix t1410 for core.filemode==false

   Junio C Hamano (20):
      Move initialization of log_all_ref_updates
      Introduce is_bare_repository() and core.bare configuration variable
      git-fetch: allow updating the current branch in a bare repository.
      git-status: show detached HEAD
      Detached HEAD (experimental)
      git-checkout: do not warn detaching HEAD when it is already detached.
      git-checkout: rewording comments regarding detached HEAD.
      git-checkout: safety when coming back from the detached HEAD state.
      git-checkout: fix branch name output from the command
      git-checkout: safety check for detached HEAD checks existing refs
      git-checkout: handle local changes sanely when detaching HEAD
      Makefile: remove $foo when $foo.exe is built/installed.
      merge-recursive: do not use on-file index when not needed.
      Document git-init
      index-pack: write-or-die instead of unchecked write-in-full.
      config-set: check write-in-full returns in set_multivar
      git-rm: do not fail on already removed file.
      git-status: wording update to deal with deleted files.
      plug a few leaks in revision walking used in describe.
      GIT v1.5.0-rc1

   Jürgen Rühle (2):
      send-email: work around double encoding of in-body From field.
      Provide better feedback for the untracked only case in status output

   Lars Hjemli (1):
      git-branch: show detached HEAD

   Linus Torvalds (3):
      write-cache: do not leak the serialized cache-tree data.
      write_in_full: really write in full or return error on disk full.
      Better error messages for corrupt databases

   Nicolas Pitre (1):
      Add git-init documentation.

   Shawn O. Pearce (4):
      Don't save the commit buffer in git-describe.
      Make git-describe a builtin.
      Disallow working directory commands in a bare repository.
      Chose better tag names in git-describe after merges.

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2007-01-12  2:43 What's in git.git and announcing GIT v1.5.0-rc1 Junio C Hamano

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