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From: Junio C Hamano <>
Date: Sun, 04 Mar 2007 19:17:11 -0800	[thread overview]
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The latest maintenance release GIT is available at the
usual places:

  git-{gz,bz2}			(tarball)
  git-htmldocs-{gz,bz2}		(preformatted docs)
  git-manpages-{gz,bz2}		(preformatted docs)
  RPMS/$arch/git-*-$arch.rpm	(RPM)

GIT v1.5.0.3 Release Notes

Fixes since v1.5.0.2

* Bugfixes

  - 'git.el' honors the commit coding system from the configuration.

  - 'blameview' in contrib/ correctly digs deeper when a line is

  - 'http-push' correctly makes sure the remote side has leading
    path.  Earlier it started in the middle of the path, and

  - 'git-merge' did not exit with non-zero status when the
    working tree was dirty and cannot fast forward.  It does

  - 'cvsexportcommit' does not lose yet-to-be-used message file.

  - int-vs-size_t typefix when running combined diff on files
    over 2GB long.

  - 'git apply --whitespace=strip' should not touch unmodified

  - 'git-mailinfo' choke when a logical header line was too long.

  - 'git show A..B' did not error out.  Negative ref ("not A" in
    this example) does not make sense for the purpose of the
    command, so now it errors out.

  - 'git fmt-merge-msg --file' without file parameter did not
    correctly error out.

  - 'git archimport' barfed upon encountering a commit without

  - 'git index-pack' did not protect itself from getting a short
    read out of pread(2).

  - 'git http-push' had a few buffer overruns.

  - Build dependency fixes to rebuild fetch.o when other headers

* Documentation updates

  - user-manual updates.

  - Options to 'git remote add' were described insufficiently.

  - Configuration format.suffix was not documented.

  - Other formatting and spelling fixes.


Shortlog since v1.5.0.2

Alexandre Julliard (1):
      git.el: Set the default commit coding system from the repository config.

Aneesh Kumar K.V (1):
      blameview: Fix the browse behavior in blameview

Christian Schlotter (1):
      Documentation: Correct minor typo in git-add documentation.

Eygene Ryabinkin (2):
      http-push.c::lock_remote(): validate all remote refs.
      Another memory overrun in http-push.c

Gerrit Pape (2):
      git-cvsexportcommit: don't cleanup .msg if not yet committed to cvs.
      Fix quoting in update hook template

J. Bruce Fields (6):
      Documentation: mention module option to git-cvsimport
      user-manual: reset to ORIG_HEAD not HEAD to undo merge
      user-manual: ensure generated manual references stylesheet
      user-manual: insert earlier of mention content-addressable architecture
      user-manual: how to replace commits older than most recent
      user-manual: more detailed merge discussion

Jim Meyering (1):
      diff --cc: integer overflow given a 2GB-or-larger file

Johannes Schindelin (3):
      fetch.o depends on the headers, too.
      builtin-archive: use RUN_SETUP
      Document the config variable format.suffix

Junio C Hamano (5):
      git-apply: do not fix whitespaces on context lines.
      Documentation: git-remote add [-t <branch>] [-m <branch>] [-f] name url
      Start preparing Release Notes for
      git-merge: fail correctly when we cannot fast forward.

Linus Torvalds (2):
      mailinfo: do not get confused with logical lines that are too long.
      git-show: Reject native ref

Matthias Kestenholz (1):
      Fix git-gc usage note

Michael Coleman (2):
      Fix minor typos/grammar in user-manual.txt
      builtin-fmt-merge-msg: fix bugs in --file option

Michael Poole (1):
      Correct ordering in git-cvsimport's option documentation

Paolo Bonzini (1):
      git-archimport: support empty summaries, put summary on a single line.

Ramsay Allan Jones (5):
      Fix a "label defined but unreferenced" warning.
      Fix an "implicit function definition" warning.
      Fix some "comparison is always true/false" warnings.
      Fix a "pointer type missmatch" warning.
      Unset NO_C99_FORMAT on Cygwin.

Sergey Vlasov (3):
      Documentation/build-docdep.perl: Fix dependencies for included asciidoc files
      Documentation/git-quiltimport.txt: Fix labeled list formatting
      Documentation/git-send-email.txt: Fix labeled list formatting

Shawn O. Pearce (1):
      index-pack: Loop over pread until data loading is complete.

Theodore Ts'o (1):
      Fix git-show man page formatting in the EXAMPLES section

Uwe Kleine-König (1):
      Include config.mak in doc/Makefile

Yasushi SHOJI (1):
      glossary: Add definitions for dangling and unreachable objects

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