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From: Junio C Hamano <>
Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2007 18:19:24 -0700	[thread overview]
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The latest maintenance release GIT is available at the
usual places:

  git-{gz,bz2}			(tarball)
  git-htmldocs-{gz,bz2}		(preformatted docs)
  git-manpages-{gz,bz2}		(preformatted docs)
  RPMS/$arch/git-*-$arch.rpm	(RPM)

I didn't send announcements for for workload and time
constraints, but Santi found and fixed a rather embarrasing
regression in soon after it was tagged anyway, so here
it is.  The changelog below is relative to


Changes since v1.5.0.3 are as follows:

Alexandre Julliard (2):
      git.el: Avoid appending a signoff line that is already present.
      git.el: Retrieve commit log information from .dotest directory.

Avi Kivity (1):
      git-send-email: Document configuration options

Brian Gernhardt (1):
      Fix diff-options references in git-diff and git-format-patch

Frank Lichtenheld (1):
      cvsserver: asciidoc formatting changes

J. Bruce Fields (7):
      glossary: fix overoptimistic automatic linking of defined terms
      user-manual: fix inconsistent example
      user-manual: fix inconsistent use of pull and merge
      user-manual: fix missing colon in git-show example
      user-manual: fix rendering of history diagrams
      user-manual: install user manual stylesheet with other web documents
      git-merge: warn when -m provided on a fast forward

Jeff King (2):
      Documentation: s/seperator/separator/
      fast-import: grow tree storage more aggressively

Johannes Schindelin (2):
      Begin SubmittingPatches with a check list
      make t8001 work on Mac OS X again

Junio C Hamano (4):
      git-commit: cd to top before showing the final stat
      git-checkout: fix "eval" used for merge labelling.

Matthias Kestenholz (1):
      Adjust reflog filemode in shared repository

Matthias Lederhofer (1):
      setup_git_directory_gently: fix off-by-one error

Santi Béjar (1):
      git-merge: finish when git-read-tree fails

Shawn O. Pearce (13):
      git-gui: Relocate the menu/transport menu code.
      git-gui: Add Reset to the Branch menu.
      git-gui: Don't create empty (same tree as parent) commits.
      git-gui: Remove unnecessary /dev/null redirection.
      fast-import: Avoid infinite loop after reset
      fast-import: Fail if a non-existant commit is used for merge
      git-gui: Make 'make' quieter by default
      Catch write_ref_sha1 failure in receive-pack
      git-gui: Allow committing empty merges
      git-gui: Revert "Don't modify CREDITS-FILE if it hasn't changed."
      git-gui: Revert "git-gui: Display all authors of git-gui."
      git-gui: Allow 'git gui version' outside of a repository
      Don't package the git-gui credits file anymore

Theodore Ts'o (1):
      Add definition of <commit-ish> to the main git man page.

Yann Dirson (1):
      Clarify doc for git-config --unset-all.

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