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From: Quinn Tran <>
To: Abdul Haleem <>,
	linux-scsi <>
Cc: linuxppc-dev <>,
	linux-kernel <>,
	"" <>,
	Nilesh Javali <>,
	"Martin K. Petersen" <>,
	"" <>,
	Brian King <>,
	Michael Ellerman <>
Subject: RE: [EXT] [ppc][dlpar] WARNING: CPU: 2 PID: 1131623 at drivers/scsi/qla2xxx/qla_init.c:498 qla2x00_async_adisc_sp_done+0x294/0x2b0
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2021 00:15:30 +0000	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)
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For this test case, the warning can be treated as cometic.  During this port disable / driver unload path, driver flush all command but fail to set the proper error code in this path.  A recent patch does a warning if the error code is not part of the error code list.  Regardless, the same outcome is achieved.

Will follow with a patch to suppress the warning.

commit 724361921f65a40ae5b80641dc1e92c0ff314d89
Author: Bart Van Assche <>
Date:   Thu Aug 8 20:02:14 2019 -0700

    scsi: qla2xxx: Report invalid mailbox status codes
    It is easy to mix up the QLA_* and the MBS_* status codes. Complain loudly
    if that happens.

Quinn Tran

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From: Abdul Haleem <> 
Sent: Monday, July 12, 2021 11:23 AM
To: linux-scsi <>
Cc: linuxppc-dev <>; linux-kernel <>;; Quinn Tran <>; Nilesh Javali <>; Martin K. Petersen <>;; Brian King <>; Michael Ellerman <>
Subject: [EXT] [ppc][dlpar] WARNING: CPU: 2 PID: 1131623 at drivers/scsi/qla2xxx/qla_init.c:498 qla2x00_async_adisc_sp_done+0x294/0x2b0

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DLPAR hotunplug of FC adapter results in WARN_ONCE on my powerpc box

dmesg logs:
qla2xxx [0007:01:00.0]-2072:2: Async-login - 21:00:f4:e9:d4:54:a7:0f hdl=0, loopid=3 portid=0f1100 retries=27.
qla2xxx [0007:01:00.0]-b079:2: Removing driver qla2xxx [0007:01:00.0]-00af:2: Performing ISP error recovery - ha=0000000009e61ed1.
qla2xxx [0007:01:00.0]-2116:2: unregister localport=000000004d1de818 qla2xxx [0007:01:00.0]-210f:2: localport delete of 000000004d1de818 completed.
scsi 2:0:0:1: alua: Detached
scsi 2:0:1:0: alua: Detached
qla2xxx [0007:01:00.1]-5013:1: RSCN database changed -- 000f 0100 0000.
scsi 2:0:0:2: alua: Detached
scsi 2:0:1:1: alua: Detached
scsi 2:0:0:3: alua: Detached
scsi 2:0:0:0: alua: Detached
scsi 2:0:1:2: alua: Detached
scsi 2:0:0:4: alua: Detached
scsi 2:0:1:3: alua: Detached
scsi 2:0:0:5: alua: Detached
scsi 2:0:1:4: alua: Detached
scsi 2:0:1:5: alua: Detached
pci 0007:01:00.0: Removing from iommu group 0 qla2xxx [0007:01:00.1]-b079:1: Removing driver qla2xxx [0007:01:00.1]-00af:1: Performing ISP error recovery - ha=00000000c0615263.
------------[ cut here ]------------
mbs: 0x0
WARNING: CPU: 2 PID: 1131623 at drivers/scsi/qla2xxx/qla_init.c:498 qla2x00_async_adisc_sp_done+0x294/0x2b0 [qla2xxx] Modules linked in: isofs cdrom dm_round_robin dm_queue_length vfat fat btrfs blake2b_generic zstd_compress loop xfs raid0 rpadlpar_io rpaphp nfnetlink tcp_diag udp_diag inet_diag unix_diag af_packet_diag netlink_diag bonding rfkill sunrpc raid456 async_raid6_recov async_memcpy async_pq async_xor async_tx xor raid6_pq libcrc32c pseries_rng xts vmx_crypto gf128mul sch_fq_codel binfmt_misc ip_tables ext4 mbcache jbd2 dm_service_time sd_mod sg qla2xxx ibmvfc ibmveth nvme_fc nvme_fabrics nvme_core t10_pi scsi_transport_fc dm_multipath dm_mirror dm_region_hash dm_log dm_mod fuse
CPU: 2 PID: 1131623 Comm: drmgr Not tainted 5.13.0-rc1-autotest #1
NIP:  c00800000790857c LR: c008000007908578 CTR: 00000000006cdb9c
REGS: c00000001cdc3380 TRAP: 0700   Not tainted  (5.13.0-rc1-autotest)
MSR:  800000000282b033 <SF,VEC,VSX,EE,FP,ME,IR,DR,RI,LE>  CR: 48002224  XER: 00000009
CFAR: c00000000013fd00 IRQMASK: 1
GPR00: c008000007908578 c00000001cdc3620 c0080000079d3000 0000000000000008
GPR04: 00000000ffff7fff c00000001cdc32e0 0000000000000027 c0000009ff5d7e08
GPR08: 0000000000000023 0000000000000001 0000000000000027 c0000000017e72b8
GPR12: 0000000000002000 c0000009ffffd680 0000000000000000 c000000aaa9d6000
GPR16: c00000002bd19000 0000000000000000 c000000022a06600 c000000aaa9c8890
GPR20: c00000003e4b5040 000000000000ffff 0004400000000000 000000000000f003
GPR24: 0000000000000001 0000000000000000 0000000000000000 ffffffffcccccccd
GPR28: c000000aaa9c8890 c0080000079ab678 c00000140a104800 c00000002bd19000 NIP [c00800000790857c] qla2x00_async_adisc_sp_done+0x294/0x2b0 [qla2xxx] LR [c008000007908578] qla2x00_async_adisc_sp_done+0x290/0x2b0 [qla2xxx] Call Trace:
[c00000001cdc3620] [c008000007908578] qla2x00_async_adisc_sp_done+0x290/0x2b0 [qla2xxx] (unreliable) [c00000001cdc3710] [c0080000078f3080] __qla2x00_abort_all_cmds+0x1b8/0x580 [qla2xxx] [c00000001cdc3840] [c0080000078f589c] qla2x00_abort_all_cmds+0x34/0xd0 [qla2xxx] [c00000001cdc3880] [c0080000079153d8] qla2x00_abort_isp_cleanup+0x3f0/0x570 [qla2xxx] [c00000001cdc3920] [c0080000078fb7e8] qla2x00_remove_one+0x3d0/0x480 [qla2xxx] [c00000001cdc39b0] [c00000000071c274] pci_device_remove+0x64/0x120 [c00000001cdc39f0] [c0000000007fb818] device_release_driver_internal+0x168/0x2a0
[c00000001cdc3a30] [c00000000070e304] pci_stop_bus_device+0xb4/0x100 [c00000001cdc3a70] [c00000000070e4f0] pci_stop_and_remove_bus_device+0x20/0x40
[c00000001cdc3aa0] [c000000000073940] pci_hp_remove_devices+0x90/0x130 [c00000001cdc3b30] [c0080000070704d0] disable_slot+0x38/0x90 [rpaphp] [c00000001cdc3b60] [c00000000073eb4c] power_write_file+0xcc/0x180 [c00000001cdc3be0] [c0000000007354bc] pci_slot_attr_store+0x3c/0x60 [c00000001cdc3c00] [c00000000055f820] sysfs_kf_write+0x60/0x80 [c00000001cdc3c20] [c00000000055df10] kernfs_fop_write_iter+0x1a0/0x290 [c00000001cdc3c70] [c000000000447c4c] new_sync_write+0x14c/0x1d0 [c00000001cdc3d10] [c00000000044b134] vfs_write+0x224/0x330 [c00000001cdc3d60] [c00000000044b3f4] ksys_write+0x74/0x130 [c00000001cdc3db0] [c00000000002df70] system_call_exception+0x150/0x2d0 [c00000001cdc3e10] [c00000000000d45c] system_call_common+0xec/0x278
--- interrupt: c00 at 0x20000026bd74
NIP:  000020000026bd74 LR: 00002000001e34c4 CTR: 0000000000000000
REGS: c00000001cdc3e80 TRAP: 0c00   Not tainted  (5.13.0-rc1-autotest)
MSR:  800000000280f033 <SF,VEC,VSX,EE,PR,FP,ME,IR,DR,RI,LE>  CR: 24004242  XER: 00000000
GPR00: 0000000000000004 00007ffff738f460 0000200000367100 0000000000000006
GPR04: 00000001588d4c90 0000000000000001 fffffffffbad2c84 00000001588d02a0
GPR08: 0000000000000001 0000000000000000 0000000000000000 0000000000000000
GPR12: 0000000000000000 000020000005b520 0000000000000000 0000000000000000
GPR16: 0000000000000000 0000000000000000 0000000000000000 0000000000000000
GPR20: 0000000000000000 0000000000000000 0000000000000000 0000000000000000
GPR24: 00000001588e3104 0000000000000000 0000000000000001 00000001588d4c90
GPR28: 0000000000000001 00000001588d02a0 00000001588d4c90 0000000000000001 NIP [000020000026bd74] 0x20000026bd74 LR [00002000001e34c4] 0x2000001e34c4
--- interrupt: c00
Instruction dump:
4bffff20 3d420000 e94a8cd0 892a0003 2f890000 409efeb0 3c620000 e8638e70
39200001 992a0003 4809a80d e8410018 <0fe00000> a08100ac 4bfffe8c 4809b771 ---[ end trace 31eef07e575ca89a ]--- qla2xxx [0007:01:00.1]-f085:1: Schedule logo failed sess 000000003350b45f rc 258 qla2xxx [0007:01:00.1]-2116:1: unregister localport=00000000c3a73a3b qla2xxx [0007:01:00.1]-210f:1: localport delete of 00000000c3a73a3b completed.
scsi 1:0:0:0: alua: Detached
scsi 1:0:0:1: alua: Detached
pci 0007:01:00.1: Removing from iommu group 0 scsi 1:0:1:0: alua: Detached scsi 1:0:1:1: alua: Detached scsi 1:0:0:2: alua: Detached scsi 1:0:0:3: alua: Detached scsi 1:0:1:2: alua: Detached scsi 1:0:1:3: alua: Detached scsi 1:0:0:4: alua: Detached scsi 1:0:0:5: alua: Detached scsi 1:0:1:4: alua: Detached scsi 1:0:1:5: alua: Detached pci_bus 0007:01: busn_res: [bus 01-ff] is released
rpadlpar_io: slot PHB 18 removed
PCI host bridge /pci@800000020000012  ranges:
  MEM 0x0000040080000000..0x00000400feffffff -> 0x0000000080000000
  MEM 0x0000044000000000..0x0000047fffffffff -> 0x0006220000000000 PCI host bridge to bus 0008:01 pci_bus 0008:01: root bus resource [mem 0x40080000000-0x400feffffff] (bus address [0x80000000-0xfeffffff]) pci_bus 0008:01: root bus resource [mem 0x44000000000-0x47fffffffff 64bit] (bus address [0x6220000000000-0x6223fffffffff])
pci_bus 0008:01: root bus resource [bus 01-ff] pci 0008:01:00.1: No hypervisor support for SR-IOV on this device, IOV BARs disabled.
pci 0008:01:00.0: No hypervisor support for SR-IOV on this device, IOV BARs disabled.
pci 0008:01:00.1: Adding to iommu group 0 qla2xxx 0008:01:00.1: enabling device (0140 -> 0142) qla2xxx [0000:00:00.0]-011c: : MSI-X vector count: 32.
qla2xxx [0000:00:00.0]-001d: : Found an ISP2261 irq 19 iobase 0x00000000e9bdc504.
qla2xxx 0008:01:00.1: ibm,query-pe-dma-windows(53) 10100 8000000 20000012 returned 0 qla2xxx 0008:01:00.1: ibm,create-pe-dma-window(54) 10100 8000000 20000012 10 25 returned 0 (liobn = 0x70000012 starting addr = 8000000 0) qla2xxx [0008:01:00.1]-0075:1: ZIO mode 6 enabled; timer delay (200 us).
qla2xxx [0008:01:00.1]-ffff:1: FC4 priority set to NVMe qla2xxx [0008:01:00.1]-d302:1: qla2x00_get_fw_version: FC-NVMe is Enabled (0x7858) qla2xxx [0008:01:00.1]-11a3:1: SCM in FW: Not Supported qla2xxx [0008:01:00.1]-500a:1: LOOP UP detected (16 Gbps).
scsi host1: qla2xxx
qla2xxx [0008:01:00.1]-00fb:1: QLogic QLE2692 - PCIe3 2-Port 16Gb Fibre Channel Adapter, FC PF.
qla2xxx [0008:01:00.1]-00fc:1: ISP2261: PCIe (8.0GT/s x8) @ 0008:01:00.1 hdma- host#=1 fw=8.08.06 (d0d5).

Machine: PowerPC LPAR
Adapter: FC adapter
Linux Repo:  (for-next)
test: DLPAR remove of FC adapter

@Quinn, Could you please have a look if it is because of recent code changes


Abdul Haleem
IBM Linux Technology Cente

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