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From: Thorsten Bschorr <>
Cc: Evgeniy Polyakov <>, David Fries <>
Subject: Fwd: w1/slaves/w1_therm: null-ptr access of sl->family_data
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2015 18:09:16 +0100	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)
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I have observed a null-pointer access in w1/slaves/w1_therm on my Raspberry
Pi running 3.18.5 with several DS18S20 temperature sensors. I have already
discussed the problem with Evgeniy.

@Evgeniy & David: sorry for re-sending my message, my email
accidentally contained a HTML part.

w1_therm: w1_slave_show checks if the sensor uses external power. If this
is the case, the mutex on dev->bus_mutex is unlocked while waiting 750 ms
for the sensor to convert the temperature. Before reading the temperature,
the mutex is again locked.

During this sleep-time, the sensor could get detached, for example by w1.c:
w1_search_process_cb not finding the sensor (*):
 !test_bit(W1_SLAVE_ACTIVE, &sl->flags) ==true.
This triggers w1_slave_detach, and hence w1_therm_remove_slave frees and
nulls sl->family_data.

w1_slave_show does not check if familiy_data is null after re-acquiring the
bus_mutex resulting in a null-ptr access when storing data.

After I've added checks for family_data!=0, I did not observe any more
crashes; the other data of struct w1_slave seem to be valid as long as any
thread executes w1_slave_show.

I have added debug-output to w1.c and w1_therm.c, here's a log of a
potential crash:

[184199.510227] w1_master_driver w1_bus_master2: w1_search_process_cb,
!W1_SLAVE_ACTIVE, calling w1_slave_detach
[184199.510276] w1_slave_driver 10-000802d9c9e4: w1_slave_detach
destroy_now 1
[184199.510297] w1_slave_driver 10-000802d9c9e4: w1_unref_slave refcnt 0
[184199.510321] w1_slave_driver 10-000802d9c9e4: w1_unref_slave: detaching
10-000802d9c9e4 [d5fb8800].
[184199.510347] w1_slave_driver 10-000802d9c9e4: w1_unref_slave ->
[184199.510365] w1_slave_driver 10-000802d9c9e4: w1_family_notify calling
[184199.510382] w1_slave_driver 10-000802d9c9e4: w1_therm_remove_slave
[184199.510400] w1_slave_driver 10-000802d9c9e4: w1_therm_remove_slave
refcnt -1
[184200.049745] w1_slave_driver 10-000802d9c9e4: w1_slave_show (after
sleep), family_data==0
[184200.137133] w1_slave_driver 10-000802d9c9e4: w1_slave_show (before
sleep), family_data==0
[184200.889551] w1_slave_driver 10-000802d9c9e4: w1_slave_show (after
sleep), family_data==0
[184200.930866] w1_slave_driver 10-000802d9c9e4: w1_slave_show (after
sleep), family_data==0
[184200.930907] w1_slave_driver 10-000802d9c9e4: Read failed CRC check
[184200.931002] w1_slave_driver 10-000802d9c9e4: w1_unref_slave ->
[184200.931169] w1 w1_unref_slave -> kfree

Note: When this crash happened, multiple threads were reading the sensor.

I could trigger the problem several times, and each time device_unregister
in w1_unref_slave was executed  *after*  w1_slave_show. In one case, the
logged time-difference between the first family_data==0 message and
device_unregister was about 8 seconds!
I have not observed a w1_slave_show call after w1_unref_slave (as long as
the device was not re-attached again).

>From my observation, the w1_slave data seem to be valid as long as
w1_slave_show is executed.
My guess is that the call of sysfs_remove_groups in w1_family_notify hits a
mutex (I did not add debug output here).

(*) On my tiny raspberry, this happens from time to time with high CPU and
external disc load (timing and/or electrical issues); it seems that the
sensor does not respond in time to the (periodic) search.

Please email me if you need further information.

Best regards,
Thorsten Bschorr

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