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From: Alan Stern <>
To: "Rafael J. Wysocki" <>
Cc: Linux-pm mailing list <>,
	Kernel development list <>
Subject: Re: [linux-pm] Fundamental flaw in system suspend, exposed by freezer removal
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2008 11:03:39 -0500 (EST)	[thread overview]
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On Wed, 27 Feb 2008, Rafael J. Wysocki wrote:

> > I've got some ideas on how to implement this.
> > 
> > We can add a new field "suspend_called" to dev->power.
> I'd call it "sleeping" or something like this, for it will also be used by
> hibernation callbacks.

The name refers to the "suspend" method, not the type of sleep being
carried out.  We use the same method for both suspend and hibernation.
But maybe "sleeping" would be better.

> > It would be owned by the PM core (protect by dpm_list_mtx) and read-only to
> > drivers.  Normally it will contain 0, but when the suspend method is
> > running we set it to SUSPEND_RUNNING and when the method returns
> > successfully we set it to SUSPEND_DONE.  Before calling the resume
> > method we set it back to 0.
> Why before?  I'd think that any non-suspended children should not be visible
> by the partent's ->resume().

All right, we can set it to RESUME_RUNNING before calling the resume
method and then set it to 0 afterwards.  The point is that the value
shouldn't remain SUSPEND_DONE while resume runs, because it should be
legal for resume to register new children.

> > When a new device is registered we check its parent's suspend_called
> > value.  If it is SUSPEND_DONE then the caller has a bug and we have to
> > fail the registration.  If it is SUSPEND_RUNNING then the registration
> > is legal, but we remember what happened.
> This seems to require some trickery.  Namely, device_add() will notice that
> the registration is done concurrently with the running ->suspend() of the
> parent and will have to communicate that to dpm_suspend() which is supposed
> to resume the master in the next step.

It will get noticed in device_pm_add() while holding dpm_list_mtx.  
The information can be stored in a static private flag
"child_added_while_parent_suspends" (or maybe something more terse!).

> > Then when the currently-running suspend method returns and we reacquire the
> > dpm_list_mtx, we will realize that a race was lost.
> How exactly do you want to check that?

Check whether child_added_while_parent_suspends is nonzero.

> > If the method completed successfully (which it shouldn't) we can resume that
> > device immediately without ever taking it off the dpm_active list; but either
> > way we should continue the suspend loop.  Now the new child will be at
> > the end of the dpm_active_list, so it will be suspended before the
> > parent is reached again.
> > 
> > This way we can recover from drivers that are willing to suspend their 
> > device even though there are unsuspended children.  The only drawback 
> > will be that for a short time the child will be active while its parent 
> > is suspended.
> Well, if the parent is a bus, that will be a problem.

Sure.  But it won't be the PM core's problem; it will be a bug in the
bus's driver.  We will print a warning in the log so the bug can be 
tracked down.

> > We should not abort the entire sleep transition simply because we lost 
> > a race.
> I don't agree here.  If we require drivers to prevent such races from happening
> and they don't comply, we can give up instead of trying to work around the
> non-compilance.

You misunderstand.  We can't require drivers to prevent these races 
entirely.  As an example, a properly-written, compliant driver might 
work like this:

	Task 0				Task 1
	------				------
	dev->power.sleeping =
	Call (drv->suspend)(dev)
					Register a child below dev
	suspend method prevents new
	  child registrations
	suspend method waits for
	  existing registration to
					Check dev->power.sleeping and set
					Registration completes successfully
	suspend method sees there is
	  an unsuspended child and
	  returns -EBUSY

	Check child_added_while_parent_suspends
	  and realize that we lost the race

There's nothing illegal about this; it's just an accident of timing.  
Nothing has gone wrong and we shouldn't abort the sleep.  We should
continue where we left off, by suspending the new child and then trying
to suspend the parent again.

> > With this scheme we won't even need the pm_sleep_rwsem; the  
> > dpm_list_mtx will provide all the necessary protection.
> > 
> > This is more intricate than it should be.  It would have been better to
> > have had "disable_new_children" and "enable_new_children" methods from
> > the beginning; then there wouldn't be any races at all.  That's life...
> > 
> > The one tricky thing to watch out for is when a suspend or resume 
> > method wants to unregister the device being suspended or resumed.
> That can't happen, because dev->sem is taken by suspend_device() and
> device_del() would lock up attempting to acquire it once again.

We'll have to fix device_del() to prevent that from happening.  Your 
in_sleep_context() approach should work.

> > Unregistration should always be allowed, and registration should be 
> > allowed whenever the parent isn't suspended.
> I'm still thinking that registering while the parent is suspending should not
> be allowed.

Unfortunately the lack of "prevent_new_children" and 
"allow_new_children" methods gives us no choice.  The example above 
shows why.

Alan Stern

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