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From: David Eger <>
Cc: Linux Frame Buffer Dev <>,
Subject: FB accel capabilities patch
Date: Wed, 19 May 2004 11:36:21 +0200 (CEST)	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)

Dear Andrew,

A month or two ago I noticed that the framebuffer console driver doesn't
know to do proper framebuffer acceleration in Linux 2.6;  I've implemented
a solution Geert suggested where each framebuffer driver advertizes its 
hardware capabilities via fb_info->flags.  Please apply to -mm so I can 
get wider testing.

The patches are at:

The core of these patches is enabling the use of the following flags:

+/* FBIF = FB_Info.Flags */
+#define FBIF_MODULE		0x0001	/* Low-level driver is a module */
+/* hints */
+#define FBIF_PARTIAL_PAN_OK	0x0040 /* otw use pan only for double-buffering */
+#define FBIF_READS_FAST		0x0080 /* soft-copy faster than rendering */
+/* hardware supported ops */
+#define FBIF_HWACCEL_NONE	0x0000
+#define FBIF_HWACCEL_ROTATE	0x0400
+#define FBIF_HWACCEL_XPAN	0x1000
+#define FBIF_HWACCEL_YPAN	0x2000
+#define FBIF_HWACCEL_YWRAP	0x4000

Patches to each individual driver will trickle in as I get to them;
Since these are only hints to the "application" of fbcon, the fact that 
the hints aren't yet accurate for all drivers (default is zero/one depending
on if the fb driver is a module) is OK, and nothing should break with these
patches.  Each driver also doesn't have to reimplement a noaccel flag 
(to disable acceleration, mainly for testing new accel code), since it
will be already in fb_info now ;-)


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2004-05-19 21:39   ` David Eger
2004-05-19 21:47     ` James Simmons

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