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* Poor NFS performance, kernel 2.6.6.  
@ 2004-05-27 13:16 Harald Hannelius
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From: Harald Hannelius @ 2004-05-27 13:16 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: linux-kernel

[already posted this on the nfs-list too]

Hi there,

I'm running two servers, both Dual Opterons with Broadcom Gb NICs. I'm
using the bcm5700 driver and I see no errors whatsoever with 'ifconfig'.
These NICs are onboard PCIX:100MHz:64-bit.

I'm using nfs-utils-1.0.6 and the 2.6.6 kernel, compiled with both NFSv3
and NFSv4 support. The client and servers are identical except for the
server having a scsi-raid under /home and the client being and IDE-box.

Distribution slackware-9.1 on both computers.



/etc/fstab;    /home   nfs     \
 defaults,noauto,rsize=32768,wsize=32768,nfsvers=3 0 0

(as you can see I have experimented with different rsize,wsize without any
noticeable effect, same goes for nfsvers 2 and 3. I even mounted the
filesystem as ext2 on the server and as ext3 with data=journal with no

The computers are connected through a HP 8-port Gb switch and are on the
same subnet.

rsync over ssh gives me roughly 200Mbps (37 GB dataset)
netcat over tcp with a 2GB file gives me 457 Mbps
netcat over udp with a 2GB file gives me 640 Mbps

But dd'ing the 2GB file over nfs as some NFS-HOWTO suggests takes over 5
minutes. That should equal to something around 49 Mbps, correct?

The netcat takes 25 secs to transfer 2GB file.

I installed kernel 2.4.26 and the netcat finished in 29seconds (550Mbps).
With kernel 2.4.26 the 'time cat largefile > /dev/null' over NFS took just
1min3s on the client. Which should equal to something like 254Mbps.

Is there some way I can look at the nfs-server what it's doing? Any
suggestions on solutions for this?

And what datarates over NFS could I expect on a setup like this?
Half-wirespeed maybe?

Thanks in advance,


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2004-05-27 13:16 Poor NFS performance, kernel 2.6.6 Harald Hannelius

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