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    public-inbox uses Message-ID identifiers in URLs.
    One may look up messages by substituting Message-IDs
    (without the leading '<' or trailing '>') into the URL.
    Forward slash ('/') characters in the Message-IDs
    need to be escaped as "%2F" (without quotes).

    Thus, it is possible to retrieve any message by its
    Message-ID by going to:<Message-ID>/

	(without the '<' or '>')

    Message-IDs are described at:

message threading

    Message threading is enabled for this public-inbox,
    additional endpoints for message threads are available:


      Loads the thread belonging to the given <Message-ID>
      in flat chronological order.  The "#u" anchor
      focuses the browser on the given <Message-ID>.


      Loads the thread belonging to the given <Message-ID>
      in threaded order with nesting.  For deep threads,
      this requires a wide display or horizontal scrolling.

    Both of these HTML endpoints are suitable for offline reading
    using the thread overview at the bottom of each page.

    Users of feed readers may follow a particular thread using:


      Which loads the thread in Atom Syndication Standard
      described at Wikipedia and RFC4287:

      Atom Threading Extensions (RFC4685) is supported:

    Finally, the gzipped mbox for a thread is available for
    downloading and importing into your favorite mail client:


    We use the mboxrd variant of the mbox format described


    This help text is maintained by public-inbox developers
    reachable via plain-text email at:
    Their inbox is archived at:

This is a public inbox, see mirroring instructions
on how to clone and mirror all data and code used for this inbox