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From: tip-bot for Davidlohr Bueso <>
Subject: [tip:locking/core] locking/rtmutex: Optimize setting task running after being blocked
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2015 06:38:44 -0800	[thread overview]
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Commit-ID:  afffc6c1805d98e08e778cddb644a666e78cfcfd
Author:     Davidlohr Bueso <>
AuthorDate: Sun, 1 Feb 2015 22:16:24 -0800
Committer:  Ingo Molnar <>
CommitDate: Wed, 4 Feb 2015 07:57:42 +0100

locking/rtmutex: Optimize setting task running after being blocked

We explicitly mark the task running after returning from
a __rt_mutex_slowlock() call, which does the actual sleeping
via wait-wake-trylocking. As such, this patch does two things:

(1) refactors the code so that setting current to TASK_RUNNING
    is done by __rt_mutex_slowlock(), and not by the callers. The
    downside to this is that it becomes a bit unclear when at what
    point we block. As such I've added a comment that the task
    blocks when calling __rt_mutex_slowlock() so readers can figure
    out when it is running again.

(2) relaxes setting current's state through __set_current_state(),
    instead of it's more expensive barrier alternative. There was no
    need for the implied barrier as we're obviously not planning on

Signed-off-by: Davidlohr Bueso <>
Signed-off-by: Peter Zijlstra (Intel) <>
Cc: Linus Torvalds <>
Signed-off-by: Ingo Molnar <>
 kernel/locking/rtmutex.c | 7 +++----
 1 file changed, 3 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)

diff --git a/kernel/locking/rtmutex.c b/kernel/locking/rtmutex.c
index 7c98873..3059bc2f 100644
--- a/kernel/locking/rtmutex.c
+++ b/kernel/locking/rtmutex.c
@@ -1130,6 +1130,7 @@ __rt_mutex_slowlock(struct rt_mutex *lock, int state,
+	__set_current_state(TASK_RUNNING);
 	return ret;
@@ -1188,10 +1189,9 @@ rt_mutex_slowlock(struct rt_mutex *lock, int state,
 	ret = task_blocks_on_rt_mutex(lock, &waiter, current, chwalk);
 	if (likely(!ret))
+		/* sleep on the mutex */
 		ret = __rt_mutex_slowlock(lock, state, timeout, &waiter);
-	set_current_state(TASK_RUNNING);
 	if (unlikely(ret)) {
 		remove_waiter(lock, &waiter);
 		rt_mutex_handle_deadlock(ret, chwalk, &waiter);
@@ -1626,10 +1626,9 @@ int rt_mutex_finish_proxy_lock(struct rt_mutex *lock,
+	/* sleep on the mutex */
 	ret = __rt_mutex_slowlock(lock, TASK_INTERRUPTIBLE, to, waiter);
-	set_current_state(TASK_RUNNING);
 	if (unlikely(ret))
 		remove_waiter(lock, waiter);

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